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There are a least 10 reasons I could think of why everyone should experience a boudoir session for themselves at least once. But the number one reason is simple. . .because it will empower you.
For a few short hours, the very focus of that moment is solely on you. You are the most important person in the room and you. . .are amazing. I am merely the artist that you allow and trust to capture the most personal side of you.

The results of a boudoir photography session with me is priceless and timeless. Boudoir session are great for capturing milestones, they are amazing gifts for your special someone – even more so if that special someone is you – and are beautiful works of art to hang on your walls.
Why a have a boudoir photo shoot? Because it’s all about you. . .and who doesn’t love that?

I know I do. . . that’s why I do what I do. I travel all over the world to help my client capture that moment they don’t always see. . .that sexy. . .that beautiful. . .that quirky. . .that funky. . .that funny. . .that gentle. . .that lovely. . .that empowered lady that is doing her thing like a boss. My team of professionals go all out to bring out the naturally fabulous you. . . ensuring that you feel comfortable. . .confident and ready to rock the scene when the camera shutters are released.

I have been shooting people (pun intended) since the mid 90s. I love capturing people at their most honest and open. I have shot everything from fashion, editorials and documentaries, to weddings, portraits and boudoir photography. By far, my favorite type of photography is boudoir. It allows me to connect one on one with you in what I hope is a meaningful way. Each person is different. . . every boudoir session is different. Watching the transformation of woman (or man) from start to completion of the session always leaves me geeked for more. Because inevitably, she (or he) rocked the socks of the session, showing a side of themselves that most people never see. . . . And I got to witness it! You are more than meets the eye. . . you are mysterious. . . you are sexy. . .you have a great sense of humor. . . you are a (s)hero. . .you are a survivor. . .you make things happen. I look forward to being a part of your journey to discover the you that you always knew or never knew existed.

Be bold. . .be brave. . .be you. . .

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