TwerkFit and the Tail that Could not Jiggle

Let’s talk about stepping out of your comfort zone. So yesterday I attended a Twerkfitness class with some friends. . . completely and totally sober. I don’t twerk. I haven’t popped anything except my joints since the whopping age of 32,  let alone my behind.

The young lady tried to teach us how to shake my butt in a circle. Gladly, or in the instance of this class, sadly, my but would not. . .no. Could not go in a circle. It’s too firm I guess. So the squats really work. Then she taught us a drop hip move. I think I got that down. But one never knows since I was not in front of a mirror and really have no idea of what I looked.  Yet another point of discomfort.

I think it took me a good 10 minutes before I could loosen up to just do me. . .regardless of how I looked, I enjoyed myself and had a great workout to boot. I laughed. . .I was amazed at the. . .abilities of the other participants in the class and overall had a good time.

I imagine my level of discomfort is similar to why some people say they will wait to have a boudoir photography session. . . They’re just not sexy enough. . .they’re body doesn’t look right. . .they don’t know how to pose. . .they’re too self-conscious.  Well I was all those things and a bag of chips. However, would I do it again. . .heck yeah. Perhaps not without pre-gaming first. No point in wasting 10 minutes the next go round. But I would definitely do it again. #Twerkfit #lawtontwerkfit

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